3 Simple Ways To Control Your Snoring Problem

Approximately 45% of adults have a snoring problem. Snoring not only affects yourself, if left unchecked you can develop heart problems, but it also affects the people around you. I’m sure you know someone who snores, maybe it’s your partner, an uncle or one of your parents.

control snoring problemWith that being said I want to give you 3 bits of advice to help you with your snoring. This isn’t anything new, it’s just some advice that I received from other people who had a snoring problem.

The most straightforward way to cure your snoring is to use an anti snoring device. These types of devices come in 2 forms, a chin strap or an oral mouthpiece. I’ve used a mouthpiece and it helped me a lot. My girlfriend at the time told me that my snoring had gotten better and I noticed it myself when I recorded myself while I was sleeping.

Probably the best stop snoring mouthpiece and the one I was using is the Zyppah anti snoring mouthpiece. I’m not going to talk too much about it here but you can find a more detailed ZYPPAH review if you do a search online for it. There’s also a video below you can watch.

The second way is to avoid any alchool or sleeping pills. Both alchool and sleeping pills make the muscles in the back of your throat more relaxed, this is why you snore. Drinking alchool 4 or 5 hours before you go to sleep will always make your snoring more intense.

Another thing which it also worked for me was to change all the pillows in the bedroom. A good habit to have regarding pillows is to change them every 6 months. This is because dust mites can form in your pillows which can cause allergic reactions.

Also if you have pets, don’t let them sleep on your pillows, because you can breath in animal dander which also causes allergic reactions.

Something I forgot about the mouthguard. It takes a couple of days to get used to it in your mouth while you’re trying to fall asleep. I remember the first morning I woke up with a sore jaw, but that stopped after the second night. All in all it will take you about 4 to 5 days to get comfortable with a mouthpiece.

As I said snoring can lead to sleep apnea which can in turn lead to heart disease. Another thing I wanted to touch base on and this isn’t related to snoring but it’s got everything to do with heart conditions. I’m talking about varicose veins. Although most people will tell you that the best way to treat varicose veins is through surgery, there is also Venorex, a very efficient cream againts varicose veins. Here’s a video that talks more about it.

You can find more Venorex reviews online, just do a quick search if you want to know more about the product. This is off topic I know, but I just wanted to get this info out for anyone who has this particular problem.