Basic commands you can teach your new puppy this weekend

Hey Sunday shoppers, in this blog post I’m going to show you a couple of basic commands you can teach your puppy over the weekend.

puppy obedience trainingThese are great if you’ve just got a new pup and want to do some obedience training. You can find a lot of information online for free that tells you everything you need to know about training a puppy or an adult dog. If you want a more comprehensive resource there are some good online dog training programs out there. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Daniel Abdelnoor’s course. This is a blog post I’ve found not so long ago where someone shares his thoughts on Doggy Dan’s online dog training course and from the way he tells it, it sounds pretty good.

Anyway here’s the first simple command you can train your puppy to do.

This is probably one of the most important commands your dog should know to obey.

The “come to me” command. Teaching your dog how to come to you isn’t very difficult and it only takes just a couple of tries before your puppy understands what he needs to do.

The first time you try this command you should do it indoors in a quiet environment where you’re just you and your pup.

From a squat position, with your arms wide open say the command, “Come”. The moment your puppy starts moving towards you, verbally appraise him.

When you’re doing any type of dog training remember to always use a warm, relaxed voice.

Once your dog is right in front of you, don’t try to reach out, let him come all the way in and reward him with a belly rub, or by stroking his head.

As a side note, before getting a new pup make sure you know what he needs. Again search online to find out exactly what you need for a new puppy and on a sheet of paper or on your phone create a checklist with all the supplies you need to buy before bringing the puppy home.

And speaking of supplies, another thing you can teach your pup is to sit. You can do this by rewarding him with treats whenever he gets it right. The way it works is by you getting in front of the pup and holding a treat right in front of his nose and slowly lifting it above his head. If instead of sitting down he backs up, gently put your hand on his backside and guide him to a sitting position.

You have to have patience because your puppy won’t get this right away and he won’t always pay attention to you. There’s useful information on this on a site I found, To Raise A Dog, they have training guides and dog food comparisons and other dog supplies reviews. Check it out when you have the time.

Once your pup is in the sitting position make sure you praise him while you’re giving him the treat.

These are 2 easy commands which won’t take you very much time to train your dog to do them. Let me know in the comments below if you found this information useful and if there is enough positive responses I’ll probably do a whole series on dog training.