Is Venus Factor For Real? Here’s My Take

my take on VFSo first of all a little bit about myself. My name Mellanie, I’m a 43 year old mother of two and I’ve struggled with being overweight for the last 10 years of my life, from the moment I got pregnant with my first child, my 9 year old son Trevor.

I’ve tried a lot of different diets, workouts to lose weight, some of them worked at first but eventually I would put everything back on. And some didn’t work at all. I would go at it for a month and I didn’t have anything to show for all the effort I’d put into it.

When I found the Venus Factor program I was so sceptical especially since it was an online weight loss program and I’ve heard so many bad stuff about these types of programs that I almost didn’t try it. The only thing that got me to sign up was the money back guarantee which I never used because from all the things I tried to lose weight, the Venus Factor 12 week diet plan was the one that actually worked and I ended up losing about 68 pounds.

The program is easy at first but it gets more challeging as the weeks go by. But what I really liked about it was the flexible meal plan. I mean it was like it was customized to me only. There is a wide range of foods and dishes you can prepare and they teach everything.

Also one of the best things about this, besides being a diet designed for women only, is the community of ladies you join when you sign up for VF. I remember there were days when all I wanted to do was quit and somehow I always went online on the VF community forums and I found someone same as me and I always got the motivation I needed to move forward.

Everyone is so encouraging and understanding and they really get what you’re going through. John Barban the creator of Venus Factor is also available on a weekly schedule to talk to and he always comes up with new information, new tips, new ways you can get your body in the shape you’ve always dreamed of.

Julia, who I met during the 3rd week of the program and with who I’m still close friends today has been an amazing support for me. I really don’t know how I would have gotten through the whole diet plan if it wasn’t for her. Her website Get Venused which is all about weight loss tips for women, was a great resource for me and for other girls that were struggling to keep up with everything.

Well… I really don’t know what else to tell you. If you’re looking for a full VF review there are so many yoiu can find online, but I recommend you watch the ones on Youtube if you want to get the important details about this weight loss system.

Anyway, have a great day and I really hope to see more of you on my blog. Cheers.